Italcoffee, since being a trader entails an important financial investment,  has gradually matured the idea of transforming itself from a traditional trader into a broker specialized in coffee related services: The Global Business Center.

    The Global Business Center consists of Italcoffee, Agriselect and Tercom.



    fotohome02The aim of The Global Business Center is to offer to a green coffee producer the opportunity to have an operating branch, a representative in Italy, with a complete logistic and fully commercial operational structure.

    In this way each company, while keeping its autonomy, contributes to the creation of a single commercial entity with a large catalogue capable to satisfy every customers needs and a structure with all the facilities and services in order to sell the products in Italy and Europe, therefore without the need of investments!

    Join Global Business Center means:

    • access to a unique business opportunity, having at his own disposal a full company (logistic, technical, organizational and commercial capabilities) that would otherwise require large investments;
    • have the opportunity not only to export products, but also to sell them directly to the final customer, eliminating intermediate steps;
    • be part of a new experience, a structure with the potential of a single company, where you can promote your own product: the contribution of all participants guarantees Global Business Center the possibility to offer the quantity and the necessary variety of the product in order to meet the customer needs.

    Italcoffee with the other companies of the Group provides its structures, its organization and the know-how acquired over time, offering to partner companies the opportunity to have an operations center/branch in Europe without having to bear the start-up costs and having technical, operations and commercial support, able to respond to all needs.



    For have more informations, go to Global Business Center‘s website:




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